Two Birds Bakery sources the following ingredients from local producers: eggs, organic butter, flax seed (locally processed), honey, and milk. We invite you to read more about the farms and producers by following the links provided in the list below.

Fork n Farm
Omaha, NE
Products: Eggs

Clear Creek Organic Farm
Spalding, NE
Products: Organic Butter, 100% grass-fed

Grain Place Foods
Marquette, NE
Products: Flax Seed, locally processed

Duda Farms
Ponca Hills, NE
Products: Honey

Secluded Farms
Kennard, NE
Products: Honey

Prairieland Dairy
Firth, NE
Products: Whole Milk

Two Birds Bakery is committed to sourcing as many ingredients locally as possible. Ingredients that aren’t found locally, are sourced thoughtfully. Some of these thoughtfully sourced, high quality ingredients include:
Vermont dark maple syrup
Organic sugar
Organic brown sugar
Unbleached white flour
Bob’s Red Mill spelt flour
Bob’s Red Mill gluten free flours