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For over a decade, spelt flour has been my flour of choice for baking. ┬áNot only is it tasty, as opposed to the flavorless nature of white flour, but it’s also packed full of protein! This isn’t a delicate flour, it’s hearty – it’s the brick house lady of flour varieties! We use spelt flour in all our Vegan Muffins, Vegan Coffee Cake, Vegan Old School Chocolate Chip Cookies, and our New Vegan Spelt Flour Sandwich Bread. It’s a flour full of sweet chew.

Recently, we started sourcing our spelt flour from Grain Place Foods in Marquette, Nebraska. This high quality flour is tasty and reliable, and it’s received rave reviews from friends and customers. Everyone we’ve had interactions with at Grain Place Foods has been helpful and genuine, so the people are as delightful as their product. Megan and I have a plan to take a road trip to Marquette and pick our spelt flour up in person. We recommend everyone visit, and this coming Saturday (July 9) would be a great time to do that because it’s the date of Grain Place’s Annual Farm Tour & Summer Seminar.

Beyond flour, Grain Place also offers a varieties of grains and sugars. You should consider sourcing some ingredients, whether for your home kitchen or commercial kitchen, from Grain Place Foods. Our flax seed, used in many of our cookies, is also supplied by Grain Place. We’re proud to identify them as one of our local suppliers.

What’s your favorite flour?

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~ Trilety

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