Cinnamon Roll Revelations


Have you tasted our vegan cinnamon rolls yet? They’re one of our best sellers, and we’re proud of them! Our cinnamon rolls have a history that I will tell you about now. . . .

Before 2013, I’d never made a cinnamon roll, and eaten no more than 5 in my lifetime. My bestie, Doug, assuming that I’d made an abundance of rolls in my years of baking, asked if I would help him bake a batch for a potluck at his office. It wasn’t until the rolls were on their second rise that Doug found out I’d never made, and rarely eaten, the breakfast confection. But the batch was a hit!


Megan and I made similar cinnamon rolls for our opening day on 20 August 2013. We were minutes away from opening, when I looked at the rolls – stuffed to the brim with cinnamon sugar – and realized I’d doubled the amount of cinnamon-sugar filling! An immediate swell of anxiety and failure started to overtake me, when Megan calmly and brightly said, “It’s Okay! The more filling, the better!” That was when I first realized my bakery wife was one of the most positive, go-with-the-flow people I know.

Fast forward a year, when our cinnamon rolls underwent a vegan transition. It took a couple of weeks, and multiple batches, but I was able to perfect our vegan cinnamon rolls. It’s incredibly satisfying to create, test, and perfect a recipe – to call it our own. Our initial intent was to sell both traditional and vegan cinnamon rolls, until we had our friends sample our vegan cinnamon rolls, and they all concurred, “The vegan rolls are amazing! You should sell ONLY the vegan cinnamon rolls.” And when stuffed, loving faces speak, we listen.

So now you can get our vegan cinnamon rolls or vegan pecan rolls all the time! Tuesday through Friday, you can get them by calling/emailing ahead, otherwise stop by on a Saturday when we make more than 6 dozen rolls for your devouring pleasure!

We hope you love our rolls as much as we do – do you!?

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