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The difference between grass fed, organic local butter (yellow) and other organic butters (white)!

When we first started talking about opening our bakery, Megan and I wanted to support local farmers in our venture. At the time, we were both volunteering for the Nebraska Food Co-operative, and I’d been a member of a couple of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. So, sourcing ingredients locally was important to us.

One of the items that we purchase from local farmers is our butter. Clear Creek Organic Farms supplies us with 100% grass fed, organic (pasteurized) butter.  All the goodness from the grass results in a sunny yellow butter! As opposed to other butters, Clear Creek’s butter is bright with color and penetratingly fragrant. As it warms, it releases a scent reminiscent of hard cheese. The Bernt family offers butter seasonally, so it’s an exciting time at the shop when Robert drops off multiple pounds of grass fed butter for us – as precious as bricks of gold!

During the winter, we use only organic butter. Right now, you’ll taste the grass fed organic butter in all our classic (meaning non-vegan) cookies and muffins. Come on in to taste the sun in our muffins, and consider purchasing thoughtfully grown/raised ingredients from Clear Creek Organic Farms!

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We’ve been known to play with our food. . .this is a ButterBot!

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