Introducing for Summer- the Laurie Grey Cake

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We’ve decided to start offering seasonal cakes! These will be cakes whose ingredients reflect the season, and aren’t on our regular menu, so you’ll want to snatch them up while they’re available!

The Laurie Grey cake is three layers of Earl Grey white cake filled with fresh fruit and freshly whipped cream and frosted with our signature rich buttercream frosting. It Is Divine. The idea for the cake came to Megan when we were deciding what kind of cake to make for our dear friend Laurie Brekke’s birthday.

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The difference between grass fed, organic local butter (yellow) and other organic butters (white)!

When we first started talking about opening our bakery, Megan and I wanted to support local farmers in our venture. At the time, we were both volunteering for the Nebraska Food Co-operative, and I’d been a member of a couple of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms. So, sourcing ingredients locally was important to us. Continue reading “Butta!”

Little Cakes

The birds are now making little cakes. In addition to the cake sizes we already offer (two-layer half-sheet, three-layer 9″ round, and three-layer 6″ round), we’ve stared making 4″, three layer cakes. Not only are they delightful in size, they’re delightfully delicious in taste too. Each cake easily serves up 2 to 4 slices.

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Sgt. Pepper’s Strawberry Fields Muffin

We love muffins! When we started planning our bakery, Megan would lovingly reference one of her favorite cookbooks, “The Muffin Lady: Muffins, Cupcakes, and Quick Breads for the Happy Soul” (1997) by Linda Fisher. We originally set out to bake mainly muffins and cookies, but since opening, we’ve added an array of other pastries, but it’s our muffins that bring us the most comfort to our tummies. So, we are going to tell you about a few of our favorite muffins in this, and upcoming, blog posts!

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